The 6 Coversations


This conversation asks us to enter a possibility for the future as opposed to problem solving the past. This is based on an understanding that living systems are really propelled to the force of the future. The possibility conversation frees people to create new futures that make a difference.

Problem solving and negotiation of interests makes tomorrow only a little different from yesterday. Possibility is a break from the past and opens space for a future we had only dreamed of. It may be that declaring a possibility wholeheartedly is the transformation. The leadership task is to postpone problem solving and stay focused on possibility until it is spoken with resonance and passion. As Werner Erhard has so clearly stated, the possibility works on us, we do not work on the possibility.

The Conversation for Possibilities

Traditionally we problem solve and talk about goals, targets, resources and about persuading others.
Problem solving needs to be postponed and replaced with possibility. The future is created through a declaration of what is the possibility we stand for. Out of this declaration, each time we enter a room, the possibility enters with us.

The distinction is between possibility and problem solving.

Possibilities, though begun as individual declaration, gain power and impact community when made public.


Invitation replaces mandate, policy and alignment


Possibility replaces problem solving


Ownership and Cause replace explanation, blame and denial


Dissent and Refusal replace resignation and lip service


Commitment replaces hedge and barter


Gifts replace deficiencies

Possibility Questions:

The best opening question for possibility is:

What is the crossroads that you find yourself at this stage of your life or work or the project around which we are assembled?

Later, the final individual question for possibility will be:
What declaration of possibility can you make that has the power to transform the community and inspire you?

The communal questions for possibility are:
What do we want to create together that would make the difference?
What can we create together that we can not create alone?