The 6 Coversations


Wholehearted commitment makes a promise to peers about our contribution to the success of the whole. It is centered in two questions: What promise am I willing to make? And, what is the price I am willing to pay for the success of the whole effort? It is a promise for the sake of a larger purpose, not for the sake of personal return. Commitment is the answer to lip service.

Peers receive the promise and determine whether the promises are enough to bring an alternative future into existence. The leadership task is to reject lip service and demand either authentic commitment or ask people to say no and pass. We need the commitment of much fewer people than we thought to create the future we have in mind.


Invitation replaces mandate, policy and alignment


Possibility replaces problem solving


Ownership and Cause replace explanation, blame and denial


Dissent and Refusal replace resignation and lip service


Commitment replaces hedge and barter


Gifts replace deficiencies