Change the Conversation, Change the World

The 6 Conversations

The Six Conversations provide a methodology for changing the typical kinds of conversation that shape our world and experience of each other.

Change the conversation from what? Certain conversations are satisfying and true, yet have no power and no accountability. For example, the conversations we want to avoid or postpone are:

  • Telling the history of how we got here
  • Giving explanations and opinions
  • Blaming and complaining
  • Making reports and descriptions
  • Carefully defining terms and conditions
  • Retelling your story again and again
  • Seeking quick action
  • Talking about people not in the room

These conversations characterize most meetings, conferences, press releases, trainings, master plans, summits and the call for more studies and expertise. They are well intentioned and valid, but hold little power.

The Six Conversations are restorative & accountability creating, inverting powerless conversations.


Invitation replaces mandate, policy and alignment


Possibility replaces problem solving


Ownership and Cause replace explanation, blame and denial


Dissent and Refusal replace resignation and lip service


Commitment replaces hedge and barter


Gifts replace deficiencies

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