The 6 Coversations


The most infrequent conversation we hold is about our gifts. We tend to be deficiency obsessed. Rather than focus on our deficiencies and weaknesses, which will most likely not go away, we gain more leverage when we focus on the gifts we bring and capitalize on those. Instead of problematizing people and work, the conversation is about searching for the mystery that brings the highest achievement and success.

The focus on gifts confronts people with their essential core that has the potential to make the difference and change lives for good. This has the added benefit of resolving the unnatural separation between work and life. The leadership task is to bring the gifts of those on the margin into the center.


Invitation replaces mandate, policy and alignment


Possibility replaces problem solving


Ownership and Cause replace explanation, blame and denial


Dissent and Refusal replace resignation and lip service


Commitment replaces hedge and barter


Gifts replace deficiencies