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What is it that we think we need before we can begin to change our communities and our world? Do we need more tools, training, skills, money? Better government, better leadership? Peter Block encourages us to consider that we already have all the skills, training, etc. that we need, and that we can start where we are, use what we have, and invite each other into the engagement, starting with a new conversation about what matters...

The powers of a new architecture of community and social space, including the power of choice, of place, of connection, of invitation, of new conversation, of commitment and others, including the power of small groups to change the world.

Bad Link Ronald Heifetz – a surgeon, psychiatrist, teacher, and cellist – spent 10 years writing Leadership Without Easy Answers, a book that distinguishes between leadership that solves technical challenges – like fixing a toilet or a budget – and leadership that solves the more complex, adaptive challenges we find in many organizations, neighborhoods, and nations. He directs the Leadership Education Project at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. He spoke recently with educator and organizational consultant Steve Boyd, director of the Washington Leadership Institute.

During the summer of 1992, a forester employed by a sawmill in the Sierras of Northeastern California was haunted by two proposals rejected a decade before. Maybe one or the other, alone, couldn’t improve the timber situation that had plagued the Pacific Northwest for a generation. Together, might they?