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A Global Day of Grieving for Descendants of Slaves

“Deposits of unfinished grief reside in more American hearts that I ever imagined. Until these pockets are opened and their contents aired openly, they block unimagined amounts of human growth and potential. They can give rise to bizarre and unexplained behavior which causes untold internal stress.” – Robert Kavanaugh

Barbara Dixon and Elaine Hansen of Shared Values-Different Perspectives see the Global Day of Grieving for Descendants of Slaves as an integral step in the healing of our communities, country, and world. We are two grandmothers who have joined together to be a catalyst for opening space for conversations of bias and racism.

Our invitation was extended as a means to bring all together as community to acknowledge the loss of family, culture, wisdom and possibilities caused by slavery. This invitation was extended to all people of all races and ethnicities. Our hope was to begin the conversations for acknowledging the loss of human lives through the slave trade and begin the healing process for our entire nation.

The use of A Small Group conversations energized the space with great conversations and engagement. As we closed, we ended with the Gifts conversation. Many hearts were touched by these conversations.

We have been invited by the Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses Interim Executive Director, Alexis Kidd to host future conversations in this community.

The Global Day of Grieving for Descendants of Slaves is the brainchild of Quanita Roberson, founder and Director of Nzuzu (www.nzuzu.com). Quanita is an international spiritual teacher, speaker, writer, and integral life coach.

You can learn more about Shared Values-Different Perspectives...a conversation on bias at www.sharedvalues-dp.com

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