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A Small Group Dayton, Ohio

Citizens of Dayton, Ohio have made in-roads toward the use of ASG. Ken Marcellus and Tom Wahlrab used the questions to facilitate a neighborhood initiative sponsored by the City of Dayton. Rowena Jordan and Tom Wahlrab conducted a successful ASG session for the facilitators of a long-standing dialogue on race in our community. Tom and his wife, Ellenmarie offered a workshop on the ASG principles at an International Symposium in ST.Paul, MN in September of 2006 that was sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation. Ellenmarie has experimented with using ASG concepts during in her class at the Middletown campus of Miami University. Jim Hagan used ASG in a Town Hall setting commemorating non-violent protest. Arnecia Patterson foresees ASG’s use in establishing community among Dayton’s Latino population. Ken & Rowena have used ASG to assist communities as they address the challenge of re-entry programs for individuals returning to society after incarceration. While we have been challenged by having to abbreviate the process in different settings, on the whole, the initial impact has been one of acceptance of ASG as a viable means to have their conversations respectfully and constructively.

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