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Peter Block discusses A Small Group

A Global Day of Grieving for Descendants of Slaves

A Global Day of Grieving for Descendants of Slaves

“Deposits of unfinished grief reside in more American hearts that I ever imagined. Until these pockets are opened and their contents aired openly, they block unimagined amounts of human growth and potential. They can give rise to bizarre and unexplained behavior which causes untold internal stress.” – Robert Kavanaugh

On Wednesday, September 23 at 6:30-8:30pm, we (Barbara Dixon and Elaine Hansen) hosted a conversation at the Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses – Main Offices, 901 Findlay Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214.

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Standing Women
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Standing Women in Washington Park, Over the Rhine

Standing Women

By: Jane Masters

I am working with StandingWomen, a grassroots organization that is caling upon the women of the world to stand together and save the world. Our first Standing observance was Mother's Day 2007. Over 200 women, children, and men participated in the 5 local parks we had identified for the public standing places. We know more people were standing on the Purple People Bridge, and at least 2 churches, and many individual local locations.

A Small Group Dayton, Ohio

By: Tom Walhrab

Citizens of Dayton, Ohio have made in-roads toward the use of ASG. While we have been challenged by having to abbreviate the process in different settings, on the whole, the initial impact has been one of acceptance of ASG as a viable means to have their conversations respectfully and constructively.

Restoring St. Elizabeth's Church- Norwood, Ohio

By: Eric Hansen

Some time ago, while attending an ASG intensive, I was in a small group pondering one of the powerful questions: What commitment are you willing to make without expectation of reward? That question had been asked before, and I had always answered truthfully – nothing. There was nothing I was willing to do without expectation of reward. This time, I had a different answer: Restore St. Elizabeth’s.

Conference on Interreligious Dialogue

By: Michael Loban, December 2007

Some time ago I came back from the trip to Vatican, where I attended a conference on interreligious dialogue. What an amazing experience it was. For me, this conference is a great symbol of what people can accomplish if they engage as a group to create a distinctly better future. Conflicts exist to create relationships, and this is what became so vivid to me, this is what I want to share with others.

beginning of quote "It's sickening how comforting the privacy of the mind can be." --Max Collins end of quote
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